Lecturer in Computer Science
College building, giCentre, Office A401C
Department of Computer Science
City, University of London
Northampton Square, London, EC1V 0HB

About Me

I am a Lecturer (eq. Assistant Professor) in the Department of Computer Science at City, University of London, and part of the giCentre research group.

I am a computer scientist specializing in information visualization and human computer interaction. I conduct research on designing and studying new interactions for visualizations and on understanding how people may make use of and interact with visualizations in their everyday lives. I am particularly interested in designing visualization tools for authoring personal visualizations and for exploring and communicating open data; in sports visualization; and in visualization beyond the desktop.

Before joining City, I was a Post-doc in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Calgary, InnoVis, with Sheelagh Carpendale. I obtained my PhD on Direct Manipulation for Information Visualization, at Université Paris Sud-XI in 2014, under the supervision of Jean-Daniel Fekete in the INRIA team AVIZ and Frédéric Vernier in the LIMSI-CNRS team AMI.


  • Jan. 2018

    I will be on the Infovis PC for VIS 2018 in Berlin for the third consecutive year. I will also be on the 2018 Information+ Conference PC this year - this is just the second edition of the conference, and it will be held right before VIS in Postdam, which is only 25 minutes away from Berlin according to Google maps.

  • Jan. 2018

    I gave a talk for the Data Bites seminar series organized at City, University of London, entitled: Changing the Relationship People Have with Data: Towards Authoring Tools for Creating and Sharing Personal Data Visualizations

  • Jan. 2018

    Our paper Exploration Strategies for Discovery of Interactivity in Visualizations, co-authored with Tanja Blascheck, Lindsay Macdonald Vermeulen, Jo Vermeulen, Wesley Willett, Thomas Ertl and Sheelagh Carpendale, has been accepted to TVCG.

  • Nov. 2017

    I co-organized a workshop on Constructive Visualization, Bertin's physical matrices and Bertifier for the r├ętrospective Jacques Bertin organized by EHESS in Paris, with Jean-Daniel Fekete and the help of Samuel Huron.

Project Highlights


A deconstruction of Brushing and Linking into source, link and target - from which we design and build MyBrush, which supports personal agency over Brushing and Linking.

Active Reading

An exploration of Active Reading of Visualizations that provides evidence that people do more than simply looking when presented visualizations.

The Symmetry of My Life

An autobiographical visualization of the past 18 months of my life that shows work and personal activities, steps, floors, emails, SVN commits, and contextual annotations.


Design space exploration that extends familiar visualizations through including HEDA - Heterogeneous Embedded Data Attributes.


Bertifier is a Web app for rapidly creating tabular visualizations from spreadsheets that directly draws from Jacques Bertin's matrix analysis method.


SoccerStories is a visualization interface to support analysts in exploring soccer data and communicating insights on abstracted phases extracted from soccer games.

Latest Blog Posts

Feel the CHI 2016 Deadline

Last year for the CHI 2016 deadline I logged quite a lot of data between the end of August 2015 and the day of the deadline, Friday September 25, 2015, at noon. Here is an overview of this peculiar experience.

Drag VIS Publications

Direct manipulation of the IEEE VIS publication dataset.