Unquantified Uncertainty and the Opioid Crisis

We propose a visualization design space for representing unquantified uncertainty in percent composition drug checking test results using pie and cake charts during the opioid crisis. The design space generates alternatives for use in a visual drug report design study that may improve decision-making concerning illicit drug use. Currently, communication of drug checking test results does not capture the uncertainty in drug checking tests, leading to poor and potentially harmful decisions. The design alternatives generated by the design space aim to empower people who use drugs with drug sample information and facilitate harm reduction efforts. Our visualizations may apply to other drug checking services and to scenarios where uncertainty visualization researchers wish to notify end users of the presence of unquantified uncertainty in safety-critical decision-making contexts like those found during the opioid crisis.


Project Publications

  • CHI EA '20
    Jorin Weatherston, Charles Perin, Dennis Hore, Bruce Wallace, Margaret-Anne Storey An Unquantified Uncertainty Visualization Design Space During the Opioid Crisis Extended Abstracts of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. ACM
  • Infovis posters 2019
    Jorin Weatherston, Charles Perin, Margaret-Anne Storey Visualizing Unquantifiable Uncertainty in Drug Checking Test Results IEEE VIS 2019 Electronic Conference Proceedings, Vancouver, Canada. IEEE