CollaStar is an interface for interactive and collaborative manipulation of multidimensional parameters that evolve over time. While a number of representations have been proposed in the literature to visualize multidimensional and temporal data, only a few techniques address the issue of controlling the values of such data over time. CollaStar embeds meaningful interaction techniques in a collaborative context, to allow users to work together by manipulating a range of time-varying parameters. The interface is composed of an extended Linear Wall representation to access the prior manipulated data together with an interactive star plot representation for collaborative manipulation. We evaluate the applicability of the CollaStar model on a simple task, and further link the model to CineSys, an interactive cinematographic system which supports the creation of 3D cinematics through a range of high-level control parameters. Preliminary feedback highlight the potential of the approach.


Project Publications

  • IHM 2013
    Charles Perin, Marc Christie, Frederic Vernier, Christophe Lino CollaStar: Interaction collaborative avec des données multidimensionnelles et temporelles Proceedings of the French Speaking Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (IHM 2013), Nov 2013, Bordeaux, France. ACM
  • MSc thesis
    Charles Perin Contrôle multidimensionnel interactif et application à l'édition de contenus cinématographiques virtuels MSc thesis, Université Rennes 1, Sep. 2011