Workshop on Personal Visualization: Exploring Data in Everyday Life

Individuals are beginning to seek how they can explore and understand the data that affect their personal lives. This includes biometric personal data such as health-related data, self-monitoring, sports and performance improvement; and other personal data such as online social networks, energy consumption, web activity, and photo collections. Personal life brings a new context to both visualization and visual analytics, and with that new context comes new research and design challenges.

Personal visualization explores challenges related to collecting, visualizing, and making sense of data of personal interest. Understanding individuals’ needs in the context of their personal data and designing appropriate tools to support visualization and analysis of this data is a crucial and emergent challenge. This should consider factors such as data collection challenges, casual visualization, attractive and enjoyable interfaces, sensemaking and storytelling strategies, statistical reasoning for non statistical experts, and engagement. In particular, such designs should carefully consider pleasure, gamification, and engagement with the data instead of efficiency to perform low-level functional tasks quickly and accurately. We expect that advances in personal visualization will empower everyday people to make improvements to their lives and their communities.

In this workshop, we will bring together people from academia and industry to discuss future perspectives in the emerging area of personal visualization. Our goals are to gather the community working on the topic of personal visualization and converge on a research agenda for the community.

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