Working with me

I am actively recruiting students

If you are considering applying for graduate studies and interesting in working with me on topics related to information visualization and human-computer interaction, then please give the prospective students section below a read before contacting me.

Prospective Students

I am actively seeking talented graduate students for projects in the area of interactive data/information visualization, human-computer interaction, ubiquitous computing and/or visual data science. I am currently mostly looking for PhD students.

Do not expect a response if you send me a generic email. Please take the time to finish reading this page, and have a look some of at my recent research and publications.

You wil work directly with me in a collaborative and interdisciplinary environment. I am open to any research idea related to my expertise and interests, and I welcome applicants from a wide range of disciplines, including Computer Science, Engineering, Design, and Cognitive Science. I strongly encourage applicants with multi- and inter-disciplinary backgrounds. I am also very interested in co-supervising across departments, and faculties. To inquire, simply send me an email at with:

  • a subject header that includes "Prospective Student" and your name
  • your CV
  • A brief outline of research interests, including information about the project you would be interested in working on (either something I am working on or a topic of your own choice)
  • A short paragraph explaining why you would like to work with me (a bit more elaborated than "because you are awesome")
  • Your favourite sport (to show that you have read this document)
  • A document you have written. This can be a dissertation, a course project report, a technical report, a conference paper, etc..


There are some requirements you need to meet to work with me.

  • You need to enrol as a student at the University of Victoria. Please consult our Graduate Studies Admissions website for the administrative part.
  • You should be familiar with my research interests and areas.
  • You should be passionate about conducting research with me. I am looking for enthusiastic students.

Research Interests

My interests and expertise include personal visualization, sports visualization, visualization literacy, health visualization, physical and tangible visualization, visualization of open source data and visualization on public and semi-public displays. I am particularly interested in researching tools help people design visualizations of their own data for self-reflection and sharing; as well as ubiquitous visualization in the home.

Most of my research projects are design-centred, including design studies, design space explorations, and tasks and requirements analysis. Projects can also be more technology-centered, with a focus on implementation and technology. Depending on the project, they can involve qualitative and/or quantitative evaluations.


There are a number of topics I am interested in working on, however this list is very much non0exhaustive and what I have on top of my head as I write this page. I am looking for students who can have their own ideas and are passionate about particular research projects.

Topics of interest include:

  • Storytelling and narrative style with relatable visualizations.
  • Tools for authoring and sharing personal visualizations.
  • Geographical visualization, visualization for the digital humanities, visualization of open-data, sports visualization, visualization for citizen-science.
  • Physical representation of data, in particular in a personal environment like a home.
  • Perceptual and cognitive principles for visualization (e.g., perception of uncertainty, non-visual perception of data).
  • Embedded / Situated Visualization on small devices, visualization on smartphones and smart-watches, and visualization with Augmented / Virtual Reality technologies.
  • Visualization in public / semi-public contexts, and the design of interactions for multi-touch collaborative environments.
  • Physical visualization of data streams (actuated physical visualizations).
  • Post-WIMP interaction paradigms for visualization.

What you can expect

  • Personal supervision (weekly one-on-one meetings).
  • Support to attend relevant academic conferences.
  • Support to become a proficient writer and presenter
  • Collaborative work with internal and international collaborators