Who Rules Infovis? Unwrapping the Conference Organization

Members understanding the organization of a community is useful for any community. Correspondingly this applies to researchers involved in the Infovis community. We present Who Rules Infovis?, a visualization designed to be a static infographic showing the temporal evolution of the internal organization of the Infovis conference track. It shows all persons who have been a chair or in a related committee over the past 20 years and makes it more possible to understand the internal organization of the community.

Watch the 30 seconds video preview

Click on the poster to download the high-resolution pdf.

If you are interested in the data, I used two datasets to generate the poster.

The first one is a filtered snapshot of the vispubdata dataset. You can download the "publications" file here.

The second file contains the roles people took over the years. This file was manually created with some data retrieved from the physical proceedings, thus may not be 100% accurate. You can download the "roles" file here. And feel free to let me know if you find any mistake in it!