Bertin Exhibition at IEEE VIS 2014

On the occasion of its 25th birthday and its unprecedented location in France, Vis 2014 hosted an exhibit on Jacques Bertin. Jacques Bertin was a French cartographer whose 1967 monograph Sémiologie Graphique (Semiology of Graphics) has had a great influence on the Vis community. This exhibit focused on Jacques Bertin's work that is less known by the community. It showcased unique documents on loan from the Archives de France and the Archives Nationales, including his physical matrices and work from his colleagues conducted at the Laboratoire de Cartographie, which he founded in 1954. The exhibition was made possible with the support of Tableau Software.

Although the exhibit took place a few years ago now, we still secretely hope that we will, one day, eventually find the time to create a website of the exhibit. Stay tuned.